Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The calendar page turned to March and all of a sudden Long Island has realized that we have had enough of winter. It is time for Spring. Spring is also the time for puppies to learn to behave themselves on their leashes.

I have some recipes to write up. I've just been adjusting to a new schedule. I got a new job (!) as a marketing and PR rep for a hot tub and sauna company. It's very interesting and it's nice to be using that $200,000 degree I have.

I also read one of Cesar Millan's book, Cesar's Way. I had a little (big) panic that I was going to have the worst behaved dog on the planet (after the book and watching some clips of Millan's show, I realized he would be less ill-behaved, more obnoxious and prone to bad habits) and, to be perfectly honest, we had just watched the South Park episode where Cartman's mom brings Cesar Millan in to deal with Cartman's bad behavior.

I mean. Look at this.

Who wants to be the girl dragging the flailing puppy down the street? It always makes me think of the Garfield comic strips where Jon tries to put Garfield on a leash. The last panel is always Garfield madly flapping in the air, straining against the leash while Jon just stares dejectedly.

So I read the book. And that man knows what he is talking about. In less than a week Dan and I changed our behavior enough where Zepp changed his. We're also giving him lots of exercise so he feels like he's part of our pack and doesn't get bored.

It was so nice out on Sunday we even hung out by the Sound for awhile. Zepp walked nicely most of the time.

Dan and I have also been discussing farm share options. It is looking positive. If another side job works out, I can even justify getting a fruit share. I really want to put things in jars. And pastry crusts.

No recipe tonight, but I have the day off tomorrow and I want to have a talk about improvisation.


  1. oh my word your puppy is adorable! i love having animals around, they light up your day. congrats on your new job as well!

  2. They really do, Blair! I didn't think I was going to enjoy our long walks as much as I do. A little dog trotting along beside you makes you feel like you're not just walking around by yourself.

  3. If you don't get a fruit share, you should come up and visit during fruit season and we can do pick-your-own (or just buy cheap seconds) and make all sorts of jams and jellies on my landlords' outdoor stove.

  4. II think I would like to take you up on that fruit share ore not.